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  • Chris Farlie

J R Harbidge - Reincarnation Blues

J R Harbidge grabbed us immediately with the opening of his new single with a combination of bluesy guitar and organ in the introduction "Reincarnation Blues" along with the opening lines

"Have I really been here before?

You'd have thought I'd have figured it out some more"

A look at his website shows he was fairly active as a live performer in 2018/19 however since Lockdown his shows seem to have sporadic at best, however that might be all about to change with this new record. Based in that hotbed of the blues, Derby, he has produced a single that really gives no clues to his origins and if we had said Derby Kentucky ( it exists!) you'd have probably happily believed us.

JR's lyrics fire out questions to the listener in a slightly raspy lived in voice, one ideal for this genre

"Why do I make the same mistake again and again and again?

What if in this life I know

I've got the "Reincarnation Blues?"

The song is born out JR's fascination with the subject of reincarnation

"Do you know what it feels to be alone?

In a room with a hundred people you know

Am I the only one who sees the next move in this game?

Feel like I've paid my dues - I got the "Reincarnation Blues"

The organ and guitar make a glorious combination and with some solid drumming behind them both, it makes for a most powerful sound.

"Have I really been here before?

Through a never ending revolving door

"Why would anybody want to do this over and over again?

What if I don't get to choose? I got the "Reincarnation Blues"

It all makes for a cracking 4 minute single - not sure the science backs it up however it is certainly original and sounds like nothing we've heard before in this or any previous life.

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