Izzie Walsh - Ideals

Every artist at some point takes stock of their situation and "Ideals" seems to be Izzie Walsh's moment. A 5 track EP is the result, written during and undoubtedly influenced at times by the pandemic, it finds Izzie going back to basics in terms of musicality. The tracks have plenty of room in them and are uncluttered with excessive sounds however don't assume for a moment that you'll know from one track to the next what it will sound like even though for this EP Izzie is using a fairly limited sonic palette with which to create her little masterpieces.

With a title like "Ideals" written at a time when things were far from it the results at times are a glimpse into Izzie's world and how she was thinking.

"San Francisco or Anywhere" opens things with a strikingly high pitched violin sound, matched to some gentle percussion before the song explodes into life.There are many things to enjoy here, the marvelously captured drum sound very forthright throughout in the mix, at one point ticking like time passing by in those periods of Lockdown.The violin that started the track off also appears in a number of guises throughout changing the overall sound repeatedly.

All of this provides provides a perfect backing for Izzie's phrasing style which can soar up or down or move from a whisper to a scream at any time. She also has a habit of repeating words or phrases which seems quite normal as you listen to it but only afterwards when you try to write the lyrics down do you realise quite how unusual it is.

There is a refreshing outlook in her career expectations - no wish for superstardom

"I'm not asking ( asking ) to be famous - I don't even want my name in lights

I'm just dreaming ( just just dreaming ) of a better life ( better life)"

There is talk of travel not just to the San Francisco in the title but also

"Rome, Budapest, Marakesh" and equally important having someone to be with her on these adventures

"Who cares about the money - it's just you and where we're going?

It is as stunningly different and refreshing as anything you will hear all year.

"Blue Collar Coastline" comes with a interesting musicality, initially just percussion and a subdued acoustic guitar before a violin joins in, but that is it in total making this an intriguing and engrossing listen.

If finds Izzie contemplating "the people in my life and all around me"

"Who i've missed, who i've f***ed

Who i'd kiss on the lips

Who i'd travel back in time for to spend it over and over"

It all leads to Izzie's manifesto which slightly changes each time round but the gyst remains the same

"People should love who they want to love