Interview With Lindsay Ell

This picture from #TEAMW21 super snapper Drew Burnett of Lindsay Ell, was quite possibly THE picture of The Long Road Festival. Her guitar pointing vertically upwards while Lindsay herself is magnificently arched back with her blonde locks flowing down. She played what would be called a Festival Set, there was plenty for everyone to enjoy even if the sound man initially had a few problems with Lindsay's vocals.

It contained almost everything you would expect to see, searing guitar solos, one even delivered while laying horizontal on the stage, there were hit singles, an unexpected medley as well as a smattering of tracks from her excellent albums "The Project" and "Heart Theory".

She was certainly hyped up and full of energy on stage at Long Road, pretty much exactly as she was when we first bumped into her at her UK debut back at The Borderline in 2015, with UK band Dexeter in support. She came with a reputation of doing something clever with loop pedals but was otherwise relatively unknown in the UK.

Our interview takes place about an hour or so after this iconic shot was taken, she'd previously been doing a few interviews in the open air however with Locash taking to the stage creating a ton of background noise, we retire to a small tent containing just a long leather chair for a chat. The hyped up over the top stage performer has given way to a calm considered Canadian, she proves to be great company as we rattle through as many questions as we can in our allotted slot.

We begin naturally by establishing our bona fides having been at her UK debut - an event she had mentioned on stage earlier in the day - she seems genuinely surprised and ecstatic

Lindsay "That's amazing - you guys are amazing!"

#TEAMw21 "We've still got the EP and may have borrowed a poster from the wall - we're hoping that EP was extremely limited"

Lindsay "Oh it's very exclusive!"

We do have to reveal to her that The Borderline is no more, a venue that Lindsay lit up on many occasions sadly now consigned history.

Lindsay "Oh that's so sad - I loved that place so much"

The natureal place to start was of course by chatting about the performance only recently finished/

Lindsay "Yeah I love playing the UK as you guys know, and it feels so amazing to be back, We're in the midst of this Cadillac Three tour, it's so fun to be out with those boys.

I've always wanted to come and play The Long Road and there's a great little scene here."

We talk about the afternoons set, including a cover of Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody", cutting out all of the piano and operatics and heading straight for the rocking finale including it must be said, a note perfect Brian May impression on the solo!

Lindsay "You know youve got to tip the hat, Queen have inspired me since I was a little girl, and I know its a bit of a ballsy thing to do and cover Queen "

As she alluded to earlier, her current visit and indeed her last extended visit was in the role of support act, ( previously with Chris Young ) - it has left some UK fans travelling to Germany to get their full set of Lindsay! So does she have any plans for a UK headline tour?

Lindsay "Yes we've been talking about it so much this week, I'm so grateful and it h