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  • Chris Farlie

Home - Jeannine Barry


When Jeanning released her last full EP "Bittersweet", it seemed she had found a natural home, her voice matched the material perfectly and it seemed very much a direction she seemed destined to follow.

it therefore came as something of a pleasant surprise when "Home" popped up on th #TEAMw21 radar, for it is almost the complete opposite of the "Bittersweet" sound, a piece of the purest summer pop you may ever wish to hear. Top marks must go to Marino Donati,musician, producer and songwriter created the track, mixed and mastered it and sang BV's as did Jeannine's sister Georgia Barry.

Recorded under lockdown it has a simpler sound, but announces itself as a winning track immediately with that opening piano riff, which is accompanied by little more than an acoustic guitar and some gentle upbeat percussion but it all makes for a cracking summery sound. Jeannine also sounds better than ever, slightly changing her style of vocal to great effect sounding so naturally at ease in her new surroundings.

It is very much a song of the times finding joy in the thought of being at home

"I can't wait to smell the roses, Mama grew behind the house and feel the weight lift off my shoulders">

There's also a great sense of freedom and exuberance in the lines, which give us all something to look forward to

" I want to feel the summer breeze blowing softly through the trees, laying on the grass and watch the stars shine through the leaves."

The later addition of the string sound and backing vocals only go to make this even more of a first class summer song.

Lucky members of Jeannine's mailing list would have got this for free which is an outstanding bargain as it well worth handing over hard cash for.

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