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  • Chris Farlie

Foreign Affairs - One Of These Days

The third release from Foreign Affairs in what seems no time at all and they keep unearthing gem after gem and bringing them out into the daylight. Eschewing the idea of cluttering up their sound, the Bristol based Brothers Purnell instead create magic with remarkably little and truly make s sonic atmosphere that grabs the attention whether it be through a haunting guitar line or a magnificent blend of their voices.

They also are not averse to knocking out a short single that succeeds in immediately grabbing your attention, then fading away at the 2 minute mark leaving you both shell shocked and with no other option than to immediately go back to the start of the song and begin again - as anyone that listened to the first of this recent run of singles "One Minute" can testify.

"One Of These Days" opens to an electric guitar refrain picked out, over which Foreign Affairs lay down the most sweetest of soulful vocals tinged with an occasional little Stapleton like gruffness. There's a subtle unobtrusive sonic palette that creeps up on you of bass, keyboards and minimalist percussion alongside other effects created from their vocal stylings, that make an impressive backdrop.

Lyrically things kick off in dramatic style with a frank confession

"I’m scared of getting old and closer to the ground one of these days,

My tracks are covered well, but they will find me out - it's ok"

These are themes that that hit all of us at some point in life, getting older, feeling of insecurity - even world famous musicians have at times succumbed to "Imposter syndrome", that irrational fear of being found to be a fraud.

Later there is a hint of acceptance of the inevitable in the line "It's ok i'm going one of these days"

The song is dominated throughout by those vocal performances, whether when singing individually with that wonderfully vulnerable affecting timbre, when singing as a harmonic pairing or when using their vocals to create a vibe the results are simply outstanding.

These three releases in rapid succession, have really established Foreign Affairs as ones to watch in 2021. Having seen them live with Larkin Poe and also at The Round Up with Two Ways Home - the transition of these songs from recorded versions into live performances is going to be something to watch out for when live shows return.

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