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  • Chris Farlie

Finnian - I Don't Want To Fall In Love

In 2019 Finnian released two fantastic singles, probably one of our favourites of the entire year in "Even Flow", and he's kicked off 2020 with another worthy addition to the collection that will form his debut album "Under The Influence" with his latest "I Don't Want To Fall In Love". As with the others it comes with it's own unique sound, a blend of retro and modern, the wonderful drum, guitar and organ led intro to the latest invokes such a feeling of The Faces that you almost expect Rod Stewart's vocals to appear instead of that of Finnian. His voice when it does appear shares a lot of the same qualities, engaging yet slightly worn .

There's a certain atmosphere created from the very opening lines of a troubled man

"Step in from the rain, hang my coat on the door, a lot of whiskey for the pain but I need something more". It all leads to a liason and a sudden infatuation "She's all that i'm thinking of at the end of the night"

The song ends with a long instrumental break and the appearance of a horn section and is nothing but totally absorbing for its duration - if the rest of the album is as good as the opening singles this will be something special for 2020.


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