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  • Chris Farlie

Ffion Rebecca - Love Again

Technically not strictly Americana but it is a guitar and a voice and a quick flck through some of Ffion's earlier material does have some folky material in it. Not a lot we can tell you about her, other than she hails from Wales, is based in Cambridge and is currently causing something of stir in the East Midlands and it is easy to see why.

The key to the success of this song is its sheer simplicity, jazzy guitar supplied by Aynsley Lister and a soulful vocal from Ffion, no additional trickery required. It does of course mean that there is no room to hide and from the moment she "Ooohs" her introduction she simple grabs your attention and never let's go. There is a laid back sleepy quality to her vocal as she delivers the opening lines "Late at night and i'm dreaming" and that quality follows all the way throughout the track

The accompanying lyric has a somewhat sad tale of feelings held but not reciprocated "I know you don't want me really, just a toy for you to pass the time". it's a hard thing to acknowledge for as she later has to admit "Boy you had me completely mind my soul and my body yes it's true i'm falling like the rain". There's a bit of reminiscing to happier days but the stark reality of the present day makes her realise "I know we can never live and love no more" leaving her with the feeling of loss and gloom behind the title, that she'll never "Love Again".

Ffion's vocals perfectly capture those feelings of loss and emptiness to produce something quite special.

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