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  • Chris Farlie

Emma & Jolie - All That Glitters

Hot off the back of a lively performance at Buckle & Boots where they certainly invigorated the Sunday Main stage with their performance. One of the slightly overused phrases on the day was "toxic relationships" and it is this that forms the centre of their latest single "All That Glitters"

If there's a trademark that could be stamped all over Emma & Jolie it is the quality of the production on their singles and this is no exception. This one finds them pondering the issue of why people can continually be attracted to the wrong type of person - superficially shiny and yet deep down the glitter being only fools gold.

"I know he's just no good for me

and I probably will be crying by the end of the week!"

The song is packed with lines that may well resonate with people who find themselves repeatedly in the same position

!I hate myself - for thinking I might be the one, when he's texting someone else"

Top marks however must go for whoever came up with the line

"In the end he may be just a sparkling pyrite"

or indeed the lines

"I thought I'd put all that stuff behind me

Oh my God he's just so damn shiny" perfectly capturing just how the whole cycle begins again.

The closing coda sees Emma & Jolie beautifully dovetail repeated "And I knows" with repeated "Here I go"s.

It is exactly this blend of smart writing, humour and polished production that elevate Emma & Jolie from the pack

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