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Emily Kate - All In

Emily Kate, is a Toronto born singer songwriter with a rather fine 4 track debut EP "All In" produced by Country Music Association of Ontario-nominated Producer of the Year, Shawn Moore!

It's an EP that covers a whole range of emotions from that initial moment of a relationship clicking through to the devastation of seeing it fall apart with a stop off via some of the upsets and joy that come in between, as well as a lovely statement of intent to close things off.

Musically there is an interesting blend between a more traditional sound and the urge to build up the the overall soundscape electronically. Throughout the majority of the EP, Emily manages to tread this delicate balance with some skill.

Opening with the title track "All In" finds Emily with the not unreasonable demand of wanting the man in her life to be dedicated to the relationship. It's as much a plea to them as it is a reminder to herself that anyone who does not meet this rather low bar setting should be jettisoned rather than persevered with.

The song itself seems to be Emily coming off the back of one of those unsuitable folk, as she has discovered that "You're in with the new and I'm out with the old"

The chorus is something of a plea and a riposte

"I need someone who treats me better than you

Boys come and go but a man sees it through"

There is a nice blend between humour and put down as first she outlines what she's looking for

"Don't need a ring or someone to marry

Just a man to rely on like good old Ben & Jerry"

before delivering the more withering

"Boy you wouldn't know the difference between good and great

Even if it walked up and smacked you in the face"

The final chorus sees Emily approach the chorus in a slightly different way, the first 2 lines delivered slowly and tenderly over just a keyboard sound before really giving some emphasis on the words "treats me better than you"

"The Whole Time" is a lovely upbeat song about meeting someone new, and sees Emily replaying the previous night in her mind, especially with regards to a certain person, the one who had

"That "Hey Girl I want you, I need you, look in your eyes".

It's complete infatuation, where everything the other person does intrigues you and captures your attention, the chorus spells it out simply

"You had me at hello you had me the whole time"

Soundwise it is very strange blend, there is one of the most annoying electronic drum sounds I've heard in a while but apart from that everything else is perfectly fitting however it is Emily's vocal that sells the song overall, conveying that sense of wonderment at his new relationship.

"Space" opens to a high pitched piano break, and a somewhat dramatic situation

"It's a little colder in this bedroom tonight even with the fireplace on it just don't feel right"

You said you had to get away for a couple of days"

There is a simple heartbreak as the listener is able to see the unfolding situation ahead of the singer

So i crossed off a couple of a couple of days and then a couple more

Tore the whole month but you are still gone"

only reaching the realisation of the place she now finds herself in

"There ain't no space for me in that space you need"

There's a horrible degree of self reproachment and self punishment

"Should’ve told you that I love you a few more times

When I saw that unsaved number I should’ve read between the lines

But I just kept on believing, there was nothin’ wrong"

Once again it is curious mix sound wise, where the almost old country sound of piano, fiddle and guitar forever looking to burst out into high drama are paired against some more modern electronic sounds however it works a treat.

The final verse is delivered without any bitterness, despite everything she still wishes him well

"Drove past your house just the other day

Silhouettes of your family in the window shade

I hope they give you all the love that I never could"

It's an interesting twist on a break up song and Emily is able to perfectly play out the baffled bewilderment perfectly in this delicately crafted piece of storytelling.

The final track "Giant" is very much a defiant song full of hope about what can be achieved

"I can do everything that I want to "

It was her debut single and would give her the real confidence and commitment to succeed when she has to go out and face crowds to sing

"I'm going to be giant stronger than you think

Defiant beating all the odds against me"

It's that self belief that you need to drive you on to success in whatever field you choose and Emily sings this with a righteous sense of pride. It is a fitting way to close out the EP acting almost as a reminder to the listener that the EP may have finished but you've not heard the last of Emily Kate.

It's an EP that highlights Emily's talents as both a performer and a storyteller and it seems highly likely that there is much more to come.




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