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  • Chris Farlie

Emilia Quinn - T.O.T.M

Emilia Quinn never ceases to amaze, she floats around the different elements of Americana in the way that David Bowie did in popular music, you never quite know where she will artistically appear next but you can rest assured that she will leave her own indelible imprint on it.

This time round it is one of the areas on the furthest reaches of the Americana universe that has captured Emilia's attention as she dabbles in the realms of comedy, one of the hardest things to pull off successfully and one of the easiest to terribly misjudge.

Needless to say Emila's judgement is spot on managing to deliver laughs and at the same time create a cleverly constructed song which is a great feat.

Although the full enjoyment of this single will no doubt be felt by Emilia's female fans this could prove educational for many of her male admirers, answering a lot of questions that they probably never wanted to ask in the first place - but as it is correctly points out "If you don't have this problem then you don't have a say!"

The song was recorded live remotely through the wonders of technology , so we first hear Emilia strum a few notes on her acoustic guitar before saying

"See if you can guess what this ones about" immediately indirectly teasing the audience to pay extra attention, an audience whose immediate reactions are also recorded giving that immediate feedback.

"T.O.T.M" is full of eminently quotable lines but to do so of course would take away from the enjoyment of hearing it delivered in context, Needless to say it is cleverly written, able to be laugh out loud funny while at times still able able to make a point and so the observation

"Damn this is a period of my life I could do without "

is balanced by

"I know when it's over, i'll probably want it back"

Emilia's delivery is full of comic timing, she knows exactly which lines to draw attention to and most importantly behind the lyrics is a damn fine tune.

Any guesses where she might be heading next?

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