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  • Chris Farlie

Emilia Quinn - Girl Talk

A new single from Emilia Quinn is once again cause for celebration and if nothing else before we even listened to a note we had to stand back and give a round of applause for the sheer scale of vision from concept to delivery of this project.

Originally conceived over a year ago after the last International Womens Day and due to be to be released on this years one, Emilia has been thumbing through her book of contacts for assistance and an impressive 22 other female artists have joined forces to work on this single, the huge roster of talent being listed around the rim of the cover.

As if all this was not enough all proceeds from streaming and downloads will be donated to award-winning charity Girls Rock London, who host music camps for girls, women, trans and non-binary people to make roles in the music industry more accessible within a safe space.

The words "Charity single" rarely go hand in hand with the phrase "quality single" however you can safely leave that preconception at the door, if anything Emilia has poured every inch of her heart and soul into this project and the results are telling. For a start there is an all female band who create it must be said one of the most laid back funkiest grooves we've heard in a while, that seems effortlessly easy and yet razor sharp, effective squeezing as much magic as they can into the songs 3 minutes.

The production values are also inventive and effective, some artists are accused of phoning their lines in, well Emilia literally does that in the opening verse, which opens with the sound of a phone number being dialled old school style.

"So you think you know what makes a girl?, pedicures, manicures"

There is even the sound of the receiver being replaced - once again showing a fine attention to detail.

The lyrics cleverly drift between poking fun at "cheesy pick up lines" to making quite salient points, the second line of the following couplet is typical of the sort of casual sexism that is still far to prevalent in the 21st century

!I have heard all about the hot tub, the guy at the party with a guitar who tried his luck

a stranger at the store couldn't wait anymore to tell me how great my dress would be on his bedroom floor"

With a chorus that that instantly grabs you Emilia and her cohorts deliver a highly impressive single that is both witty, pertinent and is out there raising money for a good cause - you can't get better than that!

Girl Talk, will be available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms from 8th March 2021

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