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  • Chris Farlie

Emilia Quinn - Mr Shame

For those who have wondered if Emilia Quinn could transfer the sheer excitement of her live performances such as the blistering Main Stage set at this years Buckle & Boots into a recording - "Mr Shame" may well provide the answer. Apart from the 4 beat drum intro , the rest of the song is awash with loud drums and guitars and Emilia, like her picture on the cover is at her most confrontational best - not wishing to be undermined by anyone.

The opening is section is an all out rocker - only subduing slightly to let Emila deliver her opening salvo

"I’m on the road to nowhere and I’m taking my time Ain’t in a hurry to get back and look you in the eye"

This is very much an ensemble piece however full kudos must to go to John W Doyle on lead electric guitar and BVs as well as James Newsome on drums who propel this song along at a frenetic pace with bundles of energy.

The chorus when it arrives is suitably high octane - with additional backing vocalists repeating the first line

"Ooh I know your name

Ooh I got your number saved in my brain - Mr. Shame"

The second verse contains quite possibly one of our favourite Emilia moments ever, as her vocal playfully changes on the "big personality" line

"This town’s too small for me I might be little but I got a big personality

I was made to get away And holding me back ain’t gonna make me stay"

The closing line above really summing up the themes of the song, being held back and undermined by others then causing you to doubt yourself. This song seeks to encourage folk telling them to free themselves by "embracing your unique qualities"

In many ways the single is almost a race from start to finish, bristling with energy throughout and when the finale is reached it ends in a heartbeat. Three minute of rawkus mayhem delivered with style, at volume - fantastic.

Mr. Shame - out 13th October, pre-save now:

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