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  • Chris Farlie

Donna Marie - Come Home To You

It is often said that the best songs are the ones that come the quickest and Donna Marie recalls that this one came to her in 20 minutes "during a cold winters walk during Lockdown 2020. The song created mainly came from events as they were happening on the walk is therefore as dynamic a process as you can get.

The opening lines recall a time when we were thankful for small pleasures

"There’s something comforting about walking in the rain

It feels like it washes away the things that cause you pain

It’s quiet and its peaceful and it smells like winters sun Cools the air around us, when I’m away from everyone"

The opening is lush with strings, percussion and a guitar, it has the feel of song created in a massive sound studio yet remarkably was created by Donna Marie at home. The opening backing fades away and the lines above are sung by Donna over four simple sweeps of her guitar - nothing else. The grandiose backing returns for the chorus, and is a universal outpouring of love and gratitude, of having somewhere and someone to go to - it also inadvertently brings home just how hard those times would have been for those without that support.

"When life is hard, life is cruel

It doesn’t matter when I’m with you

When things get tough

And it’s all too much, I come home to you"

The second verse brings home, that walk in the rain and again touches on those feelings shared by many at the time, especially those in limited or crowded conditions of how precious space and solitude can be

"And so what if it’s raining and it soaks me though and through

My shoes my hair my clothes and my lips are turning blue

Coz i know there is comfort there is shelter there for me

Sometimes a little space is the only thing I need"

The song closes on what looking back now seems the most prescient turn of phrase - comparing the end of the weather related phenomenon and the other storm raging across the world at that time. It may have been hopeful optimism at the time, yet thankfullly it did come to pass.

"The clouds are closing in

The lighting strikes again and again

One day this storm will end

It will end"

The second "It will end" sees Donna hit a marvelous extended note that entwines and mixes into the uplifting strings that seem to musically signify the lifting of the storm.

The final choruses seem to act as a release, Donna's vocals get ever more expressive, and are supplemented by her own backing vocals while the band themselves also seem to play with an additional freedom.

Donna sings the final repetitions of the title as everything has died down, the first just sung to her acoustic guitar, the second has some strings like a welcome home hug wrapped around it.

This track will be found on Donna Marie's forthcoming collection of songs "In Time" which we will surely tell you about nearer it's release.

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