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  • Chris Farlie

Danny Smart - Take Me Home

In 2016 . Danny Smart released one of our favourite EP's of the year in the shape of "Be With You", a soulful piece of country that wore it's influences from the likes of Van Morrison well. It remains an under rated gem and was the last we were to hear of Danny for some time, until now, as he's back with a storming new single.

Sounding a little older, his voice a deeper, he still has an ear for good tune and this is a cracker. Driven by a powerful guitar sound, and backed up with some solid drumming, and excellent backing vocals "Take Me Home" is a veritable of a wall of sound.

This presents a great musical vision and we cannot wait to hear what else Danny may have up his sleeve for 2020. If you were to look for influences in sound this time round then it would possibly be something along the lines Bob Seger's "Hollywood Nights", this song has a similar incessant drive taking it forward. The gradual build up in sound and the way the Danny and backing singers create the atmosphere is certainly something to be savoured.

You need to check this out - It would be the Smart thing to do!

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