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  • Chris Farlie

Danny Smart - She's Mine

2020 continues to be a cracking year for singles and when one comes along from one of our favourite tune smiths in the shape of Danny Smart, produced by Tim Prottey-Jones whose unerring ear virtually guarantees a top class production, then surely we are in for a treat.

Clocking in at a mere 2 mins 14, this song has the energy of an early rock 'n' roll tune, mashed up with a little sixties Merseybeat and infused with a toe tapping little bit of soul. It takes all these elements but isn't any sort of pastiche in fact it almost emerges as something completely new much like his 2016 EP which we raved about.

With a thrilling retro guitar solo this is such good fun and deserves to be blaring out of a speaker near you at the loudest possible volume!!

"She's Mine" is released 15th May

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