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  • Chris Farlie

Countdown to Buckle & Boots 2021 7 - Deeanne Dexeter

Deeanne will forever have her own place in Buckle & Boots history, being the first ever person to take to the stage and sing on the inaugural Friday night. She was then fronting the band that shared her name, always perennial live crowd pleasers, guaranteed to warm up an audience and they helped bring brighter skies to a somewhat drizzle filled Friday night.

They reached the giddy heights of being played on Radio 2, not just by Bob Harris but sadly were later to implode.

An attempted relaunch of the band minus long term guitarist and songwriter Gareth Thomas played a very promising show at The Hertford Corn Exchange, even showcasing a promising new song, but it was not to be.

For a while Deeanne was then lost to the Americana live and recorded music scene, your best chance of seeing her sing was by getting married. and then slowly, signs of a return started creeping out. Two singles emerged, that showcased a new sound, a blurring of soul combined with big old pop choruses that gave Deeanne a chance to remind us of just how formidable a vocalist she can be "Women Like You" you was full of sass while "4 AM" was a big ballad

With a new equally powerful single "Blind Eye" just released what can we expect from Deeanne as she once again returns to the Main Stage. Well according to the lady herself...

"I'm so excited to return to Buckle & Boots and play on the main stage again! I'm bringing my whole 6-piece band and we're gonna make some noise!! You can expect to hear my new EP in it's entirety together with some classic Dexeter thrown in for good measure! It's going to be a great big party for sure! The crowd at Buckle and Boots are one of my all time favourites so I just know that we're going to have an amazing time! See you there!"

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