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  • Chris Farlie

Countdown To Buckle & Boots 2021 - 6 - Sam Coe

The last time we caught up with Sam Coe was at Country On The Coast where she provided a storming set giving absolutely her all, leaving the stage drenched in so much sweat you could have wrung her out at the end!!!

There then followed an album that knocked us for six, "Comeback Queen" was so different from anything that had gone before and this was hot on the heels of a great album with her regular band the Long Shadows.

Ww described "Comeback Queen", as Sam's "vision of a project on a grand scale" and "It is almost certainly like nothing else you will hear this year, a cornucopia of different sounds matched with some excellent song writing"

Covid 19 robbed us off a chance to see this project live at a projected show at the Green Note however Buckle & Boots can now have the honour of delivering the reality, and the vision of "Comeback Queen"

Sam Coe will be playing with her full band with drums, bass, and lead guitar, plus Sam will be on acoustic guitar and keyboards The sound is dark country music, honest songs that transform into a raucous and chaotic sound, weathered with a throwback vibe. There will be tracks from the debut solo album “Comeback Queen” plus some new material due for release 2022.

As Sam herself says "this will be our first full band show since the pandemic.. we’re itching to play! Also, the sound we create is different to the usual, more traditional country sound you might hear, but it’s also no “Nashville sound”! If you like Brandi Carlisle, Larkin Poe or First Aid Kit then you might like what you hear during our set. Real songs, crafted to be delivered with guts, musicianship and honesty. Plus, I’m bloody excited to be back on stage. Come share the fun with us!"

Sam Coe takes to the Paddock Stage 17:00 on Saturday 31st July for what should be something truly special

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