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  • Chris Farlie

Countdown To Buckle & Boots 2021 4 - Tim Prottey-Jones Band

A bit of a festival coup for Buckle & Boots with the debut of the Tim Prottey-Jones band. The last time we saw Tim live was at a somewhat emotional Wandering Hearts show at Islington Assembly Halls. Having parted company with them he has since established himself as a go to producer, and his efforts with Poppy Fardell and Lucy Blu among many others have been outstanding.

It certainly came as a surprise to us when his debut single "Bite The Bullet " arrived last year and he recast himself as solo artist. although perhaps it shouldn't have as the Tim P-J moniker is all over itunes.

His last few singles have revealed a voice that is deep rich and warm that we cannot wait to see in its solo incarnation. What should we be expecting - well according to the man himself

"Expect to hear all of the singles to date, a surprise duet partner for his latest single “Until I Do” & plenty of brand new material slated for release later in 2021"

In case you still need convincing check out "Bite The Bullet" personally we prefer the Vespertine mix or maybe Tim's appearance on Poppy Fardell's "Drive". It promises to close the Paddock Stage with a bang

The Tim Prottey-Jones Band will hit the Paddock stage on Sunday at 20:30 and will close out proceedings there for Buclkle & Boots 2021

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