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  • Chris Farlie

Charm Of Finches 2024 UK Tour

Returning to our shores in 2024 are the ever wonderful Charm Of Finches who will be touring a new album.

Their live shows are quite simply unmissable and if you like the sibling harmonies of the likes of Ward Thomas or Wildwood Kin then Charm Of Finches are a natural progression.

Charm Of Finches though bring something completely different to the table - Mabel and Ivy will invite you into their world and once you enter you will find yourself not wanting to leave.

Try out "Concentrate On Breathing" or "Canyon" to get a feel of what you might get on the night but nothing can prepare you for their sense of humour or sheer musicality

These tickets will go fast - don't say #TEAMw21 did give you advance warning!!!

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