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  • Chris Farlie

C2C 2023: Morganway - Barrelhouse Takeover

The Barrelhouse Takeover was effectively the Town Square Stage once everyone had cleared out after the final act had played in the afternoon. On Saturday night it fell to the mighty Morganway to lure people away from Lady A and Midland. The Morganway clothes budget had clearly been used up to various degrees, drummer Ed has gone the full "Randall & Hopkirk Deceased" in his white suit, while the brothers Morgan were sporting natty cowboy looking shirts and hats. With Nicole on fiddle effecting some seemily impractical Batwoman style attachments, only Matt and SJ were left out, although SJ was sporting the latest range from the NHS, there to support a broken elbow.

In truth tonight would answer the question "What would happen if Morganway never took their foot off the gas for a whole show?". As they took to the stage there was no hint as to what was to come, with a slow moody intro gradually building the atmosphere. Even as SJ opened the vocals there was an air of familiarity about it and yet the title seemed somewhat elusive, until the penny finally dropped. This was the traditional encore "Hurricane" transported to the front of the show and slowed to a crawl more a gentle breeze than a hurricane. Of course the song eventually burst into life as if a starters gun had been fired and from thereon in there was to be no looking back, "Come Over" was followed by a version" My Love Ain't Gonna Save You" which even had the sound guy nodding along in time.

With studio album number two shortly to arrive, there was time to air songs that might yet be on studio album number three. "Feels Like Letting Go" or to give it the full title "Feels Like Feels Like Feels Like Letting Go" sung at pace!! It

came with a big guitar intro and SJ affecting such a final extended note #TEAMw21 feared her eyes were going to pop, such was the effort.

The current single "World Stopped Running" once again worked it's magic, spreading an infectious joy around the room. Another as yet unreleased song "Don't Turn The Lights On Yet" was a tune that lured you in at midpace before turning into an incessant stomp of an affair.

The closing section of "London Life" and "Let Me Go" was simply sublime

"London Life" could surely raise people from their wheelchairs to dance, and tonight SJ and Callum have never sounded better.

"Let Me Go" closed out what was a blistering hot set - the final section an insane mix of SJ screaming, the band all playing at 100mph while singing at the same time and in Nicole's case also performing a stomp if not a pogo or two.

There are only 2 types of Morganway fans - those who love them and those who have yet to see them - make sure you don't miss out this spring.

Morganway ‘Back To Zero' UK Tour Dates 2023

With support from Alyssa Bonagura

Wednesday 12th April - Oporto, Leeds

Thursday 13th April - Asylum, Birmingham

Friday 14th April - Louisiana, Bristol

Saturday 15th April - Omeara, London

Sunday 16th April - Joiners, Southampton

Tuesday 18th April - Deaf Institute, Manchester

Wednesday 19th April - Hug & Pint, Glasgow

Thursday 20th April - Cluny, Newcastle

Friday 21st April - New Adelphi, Hull

Saturday 22nd April - Arts Centre, Norwich

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