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  • Chris Farlie

C2C 2023: Jillian Jacqueline - The Indigo

Of the many artists to come back to the UK after their inital C2C performance , there were few that #TEAMw21 witnessed have such a fervent following as Jillian Jacqueline. Today's appearance at the Indigo was one of sheer outstanding professionalism. It was brief, only six songs, but brilliant for each of the minutes she was on stage. Things got off to a slightly awkward start when she had to waste a few minutes explaining her links to Kenny Rogers, something she hadn't intended on mentioning but was left high and dry when the introduction to her taking the stage said that she would explain all.

From thereon on in there was not a missed step, a set of ruthless efficiency opening with "When It Rains" from her recent record "Honestly". With just additional acoustic guitarist James Fox, for company and occasional backing vocals, this tale of what can trigger you to think of the people you miss was a great introduction. This was a set of proper contemporary classic songwriting, "Bandwagon" her "bitchy song" co written with Trevor Rosen of Old Dominion saw Jillian gently sway from side to side as she sang.

With a delightfully relaxed manner, time with Jillian was time well spent, "The Ocean" works a familiar theme that examines how each of your past relationships ultimately leads you to where you are today and the person you have become.

There were few glances back to her earlier work but then she had a new album to play to the UK and limited time - one of them "Hate Me" was well worth hearing again - the song of a broken relationship where each wanted the other to split up. Jillian had a lovely light comic touch dubbing C2C as "Mum's weekend away!"

Another song from her earlier career "God Bless This Mess" is now available as a new reimagined version with Lucius - today's version saw The Indigo light up with phones causing Jillian to observe "You look so pretty!". Her short but stunning performance was to close with "Better With A Broken Heart" - sung with TJ Osborne on "Honestly" but today just solo.. Sadly the Kenny Rogers episode at the start of the set ate up too much time forcing Jillian to have to leave out one number depriving us of the final song that would have squared off the performance..

In terms of overall songwriting and performing - quite possibly one of the most understated yet brilliant sets of the whole weekend.

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