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  • Chris Farlie

C2C 2023: Adam Doleac - The Town Square Stage

It seemed that for C2C 2023, there was a much wider spread of singers outside the Main Arena than usual and each brought something unique to the party. Adam Doleac certainly came with a touch of relaxed elegance that added a little class to the affair. Looking super smooth with his sleeves rolled up and sounding equally relaxed, Adam had the job of being the opening act of the C2C 2023 Festival on the Town Square Stage and it seemed that he had barely finished the opening song "Coulda Loved You Longer" and he had already built up a superb rapport with the assembled crowd.

Armed with little more than an acoustic guitar he seemed to wow the crowd with every note he sang and he had the ladies of the audience under his wing with "Famous" as he sang

"Gotta know what your name is

cos God you look famous when you smile".

Adam was an absolute charmer who seemed to be as humble as he was talented, the introduction to "Mom and Daddy's Money" was a tearjerker in itself with Adam giving praise to his parents for their sacrifices to assist him in his career. There was an honest realism about the words and they were sung with such conviction

"They had my back - even when they knew I couldn't pay them back"

Adam was the first to benefit from playing the revamped Town Square stage - essentially set out like a large bar, with a high stage, booths around the perimeter and the crowd full and attentive - it was more like a proper venue than in previous years.

Announcing "Another" as being "One For The Lovers" he simply could not put a foot wrong. Boldly attempting to be the first act to do a singalong on "Don't It Sound Alright", he was always going to succeed - on this effortlessly evocative song - he was was seemingly able to conjour up images that made you want to be wherever he was

"Sitting in a truck bed sipping red wine" .

Adam took time out to thank the crowd for being "Quiet and attentive" saying he was not used to it which when given the quality material that he was laying down and the relaxed way in which he was doing it - who would not want to shut up and listen for a bit?!

The final two songs took us in a slightly blusier direction and Adam became something of a smoother Chris Stapleton, the lyrics were there just not the lived in vocals but it mattered not a jot - this was once again winning considered material - there was the same guitar intensity and if it was Chris singing

"Since you left me half empty - I can't help but feel I need a refill"

we'd all be celebrating how great it was.

The final song "Whiskey's Fine" maintained the bluesy vibe, the lyrics delivered at times almost as a spoken word, it once again grabbed the attention and the audience hung on every word

"I wasn't me before I met you"

Finishing on a fantastic extended note - this was a great introduction to Adam Doleac who would do well to consolidate his position with a swift return to the UK - he may just find his place in the UK market if this opening performance is any sort of guide.


Review is from Town Square set

Pictures are from Big Entrance Stage performance

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