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  • Chris Farlie

Buckle & Boots 2023: The Paddock Stage - Brooke Law

Fresh from C2C and with a date ahead of her at Glastonbury, this was another chance to see the whirlwind of activity that is Brooke Law and her fine band. The drumstick count in kicked off "Talk To Me" with a spiky punk guitar sound, while Brooke vocals were suitably confrontational and powerful - occasionally throwing in a delightful pause. Starting the next song by asking if there were "Any Millionaires in the house" before adding that we all were "Millionaires" together on such a beautiful day. With additional backing vocals coming from her guitarist, each gentle flick of her head would make her hair sway twice as much and her vocals that had rocked earlier were now delicately high pitched.

It was back to the rockier material for "Not For Love", a full on raspy rocker during which Brooke cannot help but raise her left leg as she plays -such is the excitement being generated it as if she wants to dance along with it as she plays. Released during Mental Health Week - "We All Need Saving" is a remarkable song anyway and this performance was stunning - once again Brookes versatility switching from gentle almost whispered vocals to toweringly powerful blasts that almost broadcast across Manchester.

The line "We all need saving sometimes" was priceless.

"Boomerang" saw Brooke engaging the crowd for a singalong on the rising chorus. it's a song that smoulders, as the lead into the chorus rises in intensity, with the band rocking things to the hilt as well.

Brooke would slow things down with her song from the Buckle & Boots playlist - "Best Regret", this guitar version replacing the piano sound on the recorded one was a little more rootsy and raw, dripping with emotion.

This was a set that flew past, the latest single "Wild As I Am" had Brooke firing out the lyrics of the verses in a quickfire style while the chorus was a gloriously poppy affair.

There's only way to close out your set at a UK Country Festival and that is with a Ben Earle co write should you happen to have one - and Brooke does in "Freak On". it would start in an a cappella fashion

"I don't care about your style your vibe your clothes

I don't care if you are living clean or if get stoned

I'm a freak you're a freak - so Freak On"

The drummer then introduced a Queen style "We Will Rock You " back beat - before the guitars joined in to turn this into an anthem - with Brooke pointing into the air as she sang.

In possibly the most stylish outfit of the whole weekend - Brooke not only looked the part, she most certainly sounded it as well - move over Sir Elton - Brooke Law is coming to Glastonbury

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