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  • Chris Farlie

Buckle & Boots 2022 : Paddock Stage - The Rising

The last time #TEAMw21 saw The Rising live was shortly after the release of their last album "Moving On" at The Water Rats. Since then they've gone on a long run of releasing singles across all areas of the Americana spectrum and have shrunk from a trio to a duo although just to confuse us, today they were here as a quartet! It was dangerous to presuppose what might happen in the next 30 minutes or so.

In the end, things were not so different as before, Chantelle McAteer undoubtedly looks much more relaxed in her role of lead singer / MC while Chris Logan was never far away from throwing a shape or a power chord. Top marks must go as well to their drummer for the day who rhythmically was very inventive with his choices.

Things kicked of "I Want You" with it's banjo led ri,f a running theme throughout the song. Chantelle immediately took to hand holding the microphone and swaying around. Much more on a par with the overall sound of the band rather than having to strain to sing over it, this set up was much better suited for Chantelle. Chris meanwhile just seemed visibly relieved to have the chance to make some noise.

The inventive drumming really notably came to the fore during "2 AM Call" one of the 2020 Rising singles, being slightly more rocked up than I remember the original being.

Things were to really rock out with "Better Than This", an uptempo rocker which saw Chris throw in a guitar solo as well as some classic rock guitar posing.

For "When You Were Mine" there was a definite 80's new wave feel although as we reached the chorus perhaps things took on a lot of the oomph of the Killers "Mr Brighteyes". Chantelle was able to get the crowd clapping along in an enjoyable romp from start to its sudden drop dead finish. This was followed by "Because You Left" which has now surpassed 150 thousand streams.

Cut down in their prime I suspect, The Rising probably had at least 2 more songs to play when the signal went up to say that this would have to be their final effort.

They opted for "Highway To The Lost and Found" resurrected from The Rising's first incarnation. It is safe to say that this had the kithen sink and more thrown at it with a finale that was something like a cross between Meat Loaf & Dr Feelgood - and that is without mentioning Chris Logan's Hendrix like behind the head, surprisingly good, guitar solo.

It was total madness but hugely enjoyable and quite unlike anything else at the festival. It had taken them five years to get the B&B recall - on the strength of this showing they should not need to wait as long next time.

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