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  • Chris Farlie

Buckle & Boots 2021 Preview - 3 Emma & Jolie

Opening the Sunday afternoon session this year will be Emma & Jolie, who we here at #TEAMw21 are eager to see live. So far they've released three singles that have hugely impressed, the sassy "I Don't Need A Man", was followed by the superior piano ballad "Cry For You" and finally the excellent "How Do I Choose?"

The field of UK Female Country Duo's has long been dominated by Ward Thomas to such a point that few others have ventured into this particular format. Emma & Jolie have been mixing with a number of quality writers, their last single was co written with Emily Hackett and others have been written with Laura Oakes and The Luck, so it will be exciting to hear just how much material they have up their sleeves.

Emma Walker and Jolie Harvey could be about to take the UK country scene by storm and Buckle & Boots will be a chance to catch one of their fledgling UK performances. Expect close harmonies and quality tunes and see if these two are the ones to challenge Ward Thomas or even Maddie & Tae in the female duo rankings!

It must also be said that Emma & Jolie also boast one of the most impressive ranges of apparel that we have seen in a long while so be prepared to watch the act then wear the T Shirt!!

Emma & Jolie will hit the Main Stage at 12;10 Sunday afternoon - these 2 will surely clear your hangover from Saturday night

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