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  • Chris Farlie

Buckle & Boots 2021 Preview 2 - Vic Allen

Our endearing memory of Vic Allen's debut at Buckle & Boots is of her shuffling up to the merchandise stand to drop off some cd's, saying she probably wouldn't sell any - she needn't have worried as her performance would see them all go.

SInce then her star has risen astronomically, she has gone to release a highly consistent run of singles and EP's and dip into her back catalogue wherever you like you won't find any filler anywhere.

She has gone on to be one of the vanguards of the Write Like A Girl movement along with Emily Faye & Beth Keeping which have promoted female artists across the provinces as well as providing a monthly London showcase of female songwriters at venues of ever increasing capacity such were their popularity until Covid stepped in.

That amount of gig playing honed her performing talents and grew her fanbase to the point that she was able to make her first headline performance, to promote her last EP at Camden's legendary Green Note. As mentioned earlier her recorded output is exemplary, always with a keen ear for a melody, and perhaps above all other UK Americana artists she puts an incredible amount of effort into her backing vocals to get the final result exactly right.

Check out songs like "Healing" or "Blinded" or "Enough" and you'll see just how special her appearance will be - she may ever throw in a song with a title longer than one word!

Vic Allen will be appearing on the Paddock Stage on Sunday 1st August at 3:30

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