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  • Chris Farlie

Buckle & Boots 2021 Preview - 1 Joe Martin

A firm #TEAMw21 favourite since his days with Fitzwallace, this is Joe's second visit to to the Paddock Stage, his previous visit was a masterclass in singing and songwriting.

One of the songs previewed that day was a song that is as good as anyone has written over the last few years, "Letters Of Regret", it was simply songwriting at its finest. There were other songs that have yet to see the light of the day that were equally as spellbinding. In as good a set as anyone produced across that whole weekend .

Although playing solo again he'll be hot off playing dates with a band so expect him to be at the top of his game armed with a number of new tunes, and if we are lucky he may reprise "Letters Of Regret" He may seem slight of frame but don't be fooled for he has in his armoury an almost Orbison like timbre when he vocally wants to let rip.

Expect to hear songs inspired by a chance observation, or a TV programme but most of all prepare to be wowed.

Joe Martin will hit the Paddock stage at 3:30 on Saturday 31st July - Reserve Your Seat NOW!!!

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