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  • Chris Farlie

Briggs & Stark - Go Ahead

Here at #TEAMw21 we like to be in at the ground floor as often as we can as regards promising new talent and male/female duo Briggs & Stark piqued our curiosity with their promise of a flute on their new single - "Go Ahead".

The single does not just start it bursts into life with uptempo percussion, at least a couple of guitars and that aforementioned flute, boldly up front in the mix not hidden away as a token embellishment. It's fully 20 seconds before the first vocals even appear.

It is Briggs who opens the vocals, he may be known to you if you are in the Surrey area as playing with Downtown Roundabout, he brings the Americana sensibilities to the duo - he has a slightly unique timbre that is quite unlike anyone else.

"Not afraid of letting go - I'm used to chasing the unknown, but I'm more cautious than before

I curse the name of this old town, these past years have worn me down, and I'm warming to her now"

The opening lines paint someone reflecting on the past and the lyrics soon change to match their sparkling backing

"Since I met you, my fires renew, you got me burning"

The chorus sees the arrival if (Claudia) Stark, who brings her indie folkiness to the duo, and like most duo's, as wonderfully as they may sing individually, inevitably the real magic occurs when both sing together as on the wonderfully upbeat pop perfect chorus.

"Go ahead I'll be right there beside you - I won't hesitate to guide you

You're my shining star, I'd be lost and it's true

So go ahead I'm right behind you"

There is once again an extended prominent lead flute that takes us out of the chorus into the second verse that sees Stark take over of vocals. Her style is a more of a breathy vocal, as she too ponders on embarking on a new adventure.

"Stepping slowly from the track and I can't help myself from wondering, if I would find my own way back

Cos every step becomes more sure, this way is different than before

and I don't fear it anymore"

Any lingering doubts from either party are swiftly put to one side,

"The turning of the tide, makes me feel alive, so go ahead now, go ahead now

Let's keep an open mind, and put our fears aside, breathe and let the fire ignite"

There's a myriad of prominent guitar lines, great urgent drumming and the ever present flute interweaving with the superb harmonies to make this the most entertaining of debuts. It is a bright and breezy opening of their joint recording account and certainly sets us up for hearing more with an ep promised in early 2024. those in the Guildford area may even fancy popping along to the single launch show next week - details below.

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