Between The Vines - Buckle & Boots 2021 - The Paddock Stage

They may have been late additions to the Buckle & Boots bill but Between The Vines certainly grabbed their opportunity with both hands and lived up to the promise that our research had discovered. Although their recent singles have been relatively mellow, we knew from their earlier album "50 Ways To Beautiful" that they could rock - and rock they most certainly did - firing off Rolling Stones like riffs in support of "Ain't Country Enough" with Kev Whitehead providing a thumpingly solid solid back beat, while Rebecca powered out a rocky vocal, and managed to contribute with her acoustic guita,r while somehow still finding time to contribute a myriad of hand gestures. It is going to be the title of their next album which is also going to include "Devil's Play" the song that came next. It was immediately apparent how tight a band this was, once again thumping drums joining forces with a rhythmic bass while the guitar lines were essential yet unfussy.

Rebecca clearly excited at playing to a live crowd again was lapping up every minute, and her vocal for "Get A Little Drunk Go A Little Wild" from their debut album really did make us wonder quite why we had not crossed paths earlier. With the boys not averse to laying down some soulful backing vocals, the crowd were clearly in the same groove.

Our gateway to Between The Vines was their latest single "All In" and this was beautifully reproduced, once again Rebecca's tiny frame belying the fact that she possess a tremendously powerful voice that really sold this song - "Oooh emotional" she exclaimed at the end of it!

In a slight change of style "Sweet September Sunset" from their debut album was a lovely piece of Eagles style country rock, lifted to be something superior by Rebecca's voice and once again supported with some sweet backing vocals. Removing her guitar left Rebecca hands free which she then proceeded to wrap around the microphone to concentrate on her vocals on "All Out Tonight" another up tempo rocker, which went down a storm. The set was to close with "50 Ways To Beautiful" another great ensemble performance full of a zest and energy that few bands would be able to match across the weekend.

This performance surely made them many friends and has certainly raised anticipation levels as to how their new album will sound.