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Australian Artist Sinead Burgess is going on tour with Kezia Gill

Hot off the news that Australian Artist Sinead Burgess is going on tour with Kezia Gill, she reveals her new single 'Rolling Stones' is out 4th Aug!

Following the exciting news that Australian singer-songwriter Sinead Burgess will hit the road with Kezia Gill on her 8-date UK tour this October, she is thrilled to announce that her new single "Rolling Stones" will be released on August 4th!

A song for lovers of the magical 70's, with Sinead's vocals reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt, it will resonate with anyone who has a soundtrack to their first love story and has the power to transport their soul back to times that have passed. With its powerful hook, roaring harmonica throughout, and a killer guitar solo, "Rolling Stones" captures the spirit of the time. This is Sinead's first new release in two years and it's one hell of a comeback!

When asked about the song, Sinead said "I originally had the idea for this song a while back, thinking about the ability music has to instantly transport you to a moment in your life. Whether it’s a whole record, an artist or a song, anytime I hear something from a pivotal time in my life, it brings me right back to where it impacted me. Sometimes it can be a sad moment, other times it’s more a postcard from a place you knew once. This one is a feeling of joyful celebration of a time in your life where all that mattered was the moment you were in & the people you were with. The feeling of coming of age and all the highs that come with it.

I got together on Zoom with my friend and co-writer Brian Koppelman and played him the very bare bones of what I had, which sounded and felt completely different to what we ended up with! We turned it completely upside down and re-wrote the whole thing which brought it to such a special place. Brian said “man, this needs to feel like a 70s folk rock song”. He was so right, it took on a new life in that session!

I wanted the production to encompass all of the things I love about that era of music, my favourite era! I wanted it to feel like a jam session full of backing vocals, killer bass lines, blaring harmonica, a 70s boxy guitar solo and a slamming drummer. I really wanted to be true to the honesty and joy we felt when writing it. I was fortunate enough to get the legendary Steve Gorman (Black Crowes, Stereophonics) to play on this and he really brought it home to where it needed to be!"

"It’s been a couple of years since I released a new single, so needless to say I am dying to share this next chapter of my story with everyone. I thought this would be a fun place to start and there’s plenty more to come!" - SINEAD BURGESS


Sinead Burgess, the Australian powerhouse based in Nashville, is an extraordinary singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who leaves an indelible mark on the heart with her remarkable talent. Her melodies unleash a storm of emotions, ranging from profound introspection to breathtaking passion. Fearlessly merging genres like country, Americana, and singer-songwriter styles, Burgess creates a captivating fusion that embodies the energetic spirit of rock, reminiscent of artists like Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow, coupled with the guttural, heart-wrenching tones of Foy Vance and Lewis Capaldi. With chart-topping releases, prestigious award nominations, and a highly anticipated sophomore album born from a transformative collaboration with scriptwriter Brian Koppelman, she is poised to ascend to greater heights. No stranger to the UK, she toured with The Shires during their "Accidentally On Purpose" tour and legendary artist Paul Young on his 'No Parlez' tour the following year, with 2023 marking her eagerly awaited first return across the pond since the pandemic. Sinead Burgess is not just a remarkable musician; she is a genuine force, inviting listeners into her enthralling world and evoking profound emotions with every mesmerizing note.




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