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  • Chris Farlie

Audra McLaughlin - Wake Me Up

Audra McLaughlin announced herself to UK audiences last year with some, festival stealing performances at Buckle & Boots. She went from relative unknown to Queen of the Festival with a string of powerful performances whether it was blasting out from the main stage or in a more considered acoustic format at the Paddock Stage - she literally could do no wrong.

Her new single "Wake Me Up" seems set to build on that audience who have patiently been waiting for their next Audra fix. Anyone who picked up Audra's cd that weekend will know that she is not averse to raising the temperature a degree of two with a suggestive lyric or two with songs like "Love Me Like A Stranger" and "We Ain't Missin' Nothing" and the merest glimpse of the cover for this one will tell you where we are heading!

The track opens to a booming drum and a lead guitar that against many a performer might easily overpower - but not Audra, it anchors the song preparing the listener for Audra's chorus vocal line that will follow later and at the same time setting the mood perfectly,

As Audra starts to sing. the opening words almost tumble out, leaving the recipient in little doubt!

"My eyes are saying exactly what I need - I know you understand by the way you are holding me

Every touch, full of desire, lay me down in this unforgettable fire" - the line tails off into Audra almost purring with deiight.

Audra is describing the heights of intoxication that a relationship can take you to - where you want to spend every waking second with the person that has lit the fire within you. Co-written with Dan Hutson and Brent Michael Wood the track delivers a classic classy sultriness rather than a non sublte explicitness.

The chorus sees Audra gradually work through the vocal gears, whether in the opening ones as something of a rocker or the later slower breathy one by which if you haven't already succumbed yo uwill surely be seduced.

All night long babe I can't get enough - In my dreams yeah I still feel that rush

Constantly craving your love - I can’t wait, wait for you to wake me up"

The last line is delivered with such intensity that there it is cleart as to what is on her mind

"Morning breaking sunlight on my face - Coffee won't be the first thing I want to taste

You leave me breathless - you make me weak -baby you make it so hard so hard to sleep"

Audra closes out the song in a way that only she can - taking the vocal ever higher in an almost effortless yet not showy manner - she does it because she can!

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