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  • Chris Farlie

Aubrie Sellers - Wicked Game

Having released quite possibly our favourite album of 2020 in "Far From Home", Aubrie Sellers latest release is a cover of the Chris Isaak classic "Wicked Game". Initially the idea seemed a little underwhelming, the track has been covered multiple times in different variations but none has come close to haunting soundscape of that original version, until now.

Aubrie and guitarist Ethan Ballinger have taken the ethos that made "Far From Home" so good and poured it into this latest project, deconstructing the song keeping the key elements but just distorting them slightly. Take forinstance the introduction, Chris Isaaks, silky smooth signature guitar line over a gentle drum and bass is replaced with a distorted echoing guitar sound over an almost plodding drum beat to the point you might not initially recognize it all.

When Aubrie makes her appearance the backing falls away to a shuffle of percussion sounds over which she lays down an atmospheric almost dreamy vocal line, the beauty of which is then counteracted by the harshness of the wailing guitar sound to make something truly absorbing, especially when they merge and entwine as one towards the end.

This is the first release from Aubrie's forthcoming "World On Fire" EP - available Aug 7th

We cannot wait to hear the rest of it !!!

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