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  • Chris Farlie

Arbor North - You Me & Jesus / All The Right Mistakes

Arbor North are Michael Boris (of the former country trio, Lockeland) and country artist, AC Jones who for their second release have issued "You Me & Jesus" a heartfelt love song, originally penned for their own wedding and communicating their love for each other and Jesus.

As it starts there is a nice nod from the fiddle player at "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" which sets the mood for a bit of a love fest

"Wipe your tears take a breath

Lay your head on my chest

Let me hold you through the night"

are the opening lines from Michael while AC contributes her own outlook on their future

"Yeah the world can bring us down - but I still believe somehow - It's gonna be alright"

There is also a hint of realism in that they recognize "Oh we'll have a few fights" but that same verse ends reassuringly

"I'm always here to stay - you'll never be alone"

All this is played out over a lovely acoustic guitar with support on fiddle and piano and some basic perscussion and it cannot be denied the Arbor North have voices that entwine to great effect.

There is a third person in this relationship as you may have guessed from the title - and this is as much their joint love for him as it is their love for each other. It's a faith that is so strong that even death will only bring them altogether.

Their debut single "All The Right Mistakes" is a bit of a rocker by comparison, laden with hooks and a thumping back beat. It gives them both a chance to show off their various vocal talents

Arbor North are heading to the UK in August for a number of shows, including the recently announced Nashville Sounds in the Round in Birmingham, and Millport Festival in Scotland.

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