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  • Chris Farlie

Ali Comerford - Come Home

Finding herself once again in a field of one is Ali Comerford. We've previously touched on her back story of being a classical musician for many years. then having the urge to play her own music rather than others. The results are a little hard to pigeon hole which is no bad thing, and for her latest single "Come Home" there are possibly 2 or 3 genres that might like to lay claim to it.

It opens to an almost jazzy feel, Ali's acoustic guitar style urgent and insistent while her vocal style remains wistful and detached

"The light is on - no words to be said

Your bed's still made - your place is all set

You don't think it can be done but they are willing you to"

The words all point to someone who has left home and for whatever reasons cannot return, that last line with the emphasis on "willing" suggesting that whatever the issue is, it is not insurmountable.

The chorus sees the cries of "Come Home" played to some stirring string backing.

The second verse is equally as dramatic both lyrically and musically.

"The fires from the bridges you burned - will keep you warm and there's nowhere to return to"

The revisit to the chorus see Ali's string playing become ever more forceful and her voice the fades away as if lost in the wind, the pleas to return cannot or will not be heard.

So whether it be folk, jazz or classical or some hybrid of the three it is undoubtedly something a little different and comes with the power to evoke the powerful emotions felt from both sides with just a few well chosen words.

Ali Comerfords album "Knots" is released July 29th

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