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Lainey Wilson - Rhinestone Stage - Long Road

Lainey Wilson continued on her mission to win over the British public with a sparkling set on the Rhinestone Stage. Having spoken with her about an hour or so before the set you could not hope to meet a more charming gracious and demure artist however give her a guitar, and place her on stage in front of a crowd and an outgoing massively confident persona takes over and delivers entertainment on all levels.

This was perhaps a more festival orientated set that began with a big drum and guitar intro before Lainey casually strolled out and then tore into Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" during which she prowled the stage. Promising "A Good Time" from the off, her next song "Working Overtime" saw her move to an electric guitar that she was able to hold in a number of poses for the assembled photographers, in fact her whole set was a snappers dream.

This was a true crowd pleasing big act with "Waste Of Good Whiskey" drawing in the audience to clap and sing along, to the point she felt compelled to say "it blows my mind to see you singing along" With a new EP "Redneck Hollywood" on the way, it was time to debut one of those new songs in the shape of "LA" which had the crowd rocking. If things were not wild enough already, the announcement of a "Shout out to my best friend" in the shape of "Middle Finger", led to a rousing version with Lainey still finding time within the song to be able to demonstrate its use.

A rocking medley followed with at least "Rocky Mountain Way" and "Travellin' Band" in it, before we got another glimpse of the new EP in the shape of the impressive forthcoming single "Dirty Looks". At any given time Lainey could be found checking out every inch of the stage, interacting with the audience.

As mentioned earlier this was a bit of a festival set, so there were probably a few more covers than normal, one we'd probably not expected though was "What's Up" from 4 Non Blondes, with Lainey dropping to her knees for the "i Pray" line.

A rocking finale came in the shape of "High On Somethin'" which as at C2C 2019 managed to incorporate a little section of "Come Together".

Total value for money, Lainey's star continues to be riding high, let's hope we can see back in the UK soon on her own tour.

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