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Sam Coe - Hard Time

"Hard Time" is Sam Coe's first single from a solo project which will eventually form part of an album due for November release is something just a little different. Announcing itself with a pounding drum beat and and a heavy guitar riff, it is immediately attention grabbing before Sam has even sung a word!

When she does start to sing, like the music it is immediately in your face as she reels off various description of what her man is like, not all of them flattering. By now there is also a heavy fiddle joining the mix that makes for quite an intense rhythmic sound.

The second verse sees Sam's vocals move to another level, delivered in an almost punky new wave style before heading off into on a high note with a guitar echo. There's an almost 60's keyboard sound at one point while all the time the almost tribal beat goes on.

With a kick ass chorus, this is a great introduction to what may well be one of the surprise releases of the year - can't wait to hear more.

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