• Words Chris Farlie

Vic Allen - Ghost Town

Before you ask, no this is not Vic Allen's take on the classic Special AKA's hit single!! It is however something just a little different from what you might be expecting, with Vic choosing to push her sonic palate into a new dimension, with a soundscape formed from backwards instrumentation which gives the tune a slightly disconcerting feel at first.

Scratch the surface though and there is an acoustic guitar and some lyrics outlining the feeling of numbness and loneliness after a break up with real raw emotions, "I never felt so lonely in a crowded room", that feeling of being out in the city but alone "drowning in neon colour, all I see is gray".

The chorus does have the ubiquitous click track through it that just about stays out of the way enough not to spoil things. The second verse sees a move to a more soulful dance orientated style of delivery and backing while at the same time there seems to be a faint banjo playing in the background. The sonic experimentation then continues with some interesting sounds and backing vocals while the lyrics maintain a ghostly theme, "Emptiness is haunting me" and "Without you it's just a Ghost Town".

The accompanying video is now available to view https://youtu.be/l1THqm2SRnM

It's a bold move from an artist has maintained a consistent stream of quality singles and Ep's for over 2 years now.

With an afternoon EP Launch coming at the Green Note on the 5th October with a rare London performance from Abby Inez, as well as Poppy Fardell there has never been a better time to get acquainted with Vic Allen.

#VicAlllen #GhostTown

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