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  • Chris Farlie

Kerri Watt - Cut Me Loose

One of the finest moments on the pop up stages at this years C2C was the reincarnation of Kerri Watt. We had always appreciated her first time round as a confident singer songwriter with an ear for a good tune but this year she emerged with a pair of dark glasses, a completely new appearance, a sassy yet cheeky demeanour and most important of all - a kick ass new sound that was simply quite unlike anything we would see across the whole festival.

The big question was would she be able to capture this new sound? - I'm glad to say the answer is a resounding yes. For a song that lasts but 3.30 there is so much going on, the first 10 seconds alone contain a lovely grungy guitar intro and a knowing nod to "Islands In The Stream" that any country fan should spot from a mile away.

The vocals have a lovely distortion to them and there's a stylish affectation in the delivery that makes this stand out head and shoulders above other releases and scream that it is something different. The sound is quite unique, it is big and cinematic, while retaining a warm soulful feel somehow working in tandem with that heavy guitar, a pounding piano line and a host of backing vocals and that is just for starters, there really is so much going on.

This is just the first of a couple of singles this year with a full album to follow in 2020. If you thought you knew Kerri Watt I cannot urge you enough to dig this single out and find out how wrong you were.

There is also a stunning video that accompanies this track that is well worth checking out as well

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