Lucy Blu - Ready To Be Lonely

Lucy Blu has done nothing but pepper us throughout 2019 with a string of high quality pop country songs. Each has been distinctly different. with the progression in songwriting, performance and production skills being quite remarkable. Her new single "Ready To be Lonely" is not only going to continue that run of excellent releases but it is going to show a different side to Lucy as she delivers a heartfelt ballad.

As break up songs go this takes a somewhat different approach, in that it is not so much about the causes of the split but more a look into the adjustments one has to make in the face of suddenly having to face up to not being in a relationship anymore.

Musically Lucy has given herself very little room to hide, for a lot of the early part of the song there is just her and an acoustic guitar as she details what has happened in a somewhat sad reflective vocal.

"Seems like only yesterday when you slammed that door, told me that you couldn't do this anymore" leaving the singer "picking up the pieces of my broken heart".

The song details the little changes that you need to get used to, "the space across my driveway where your car used to go", the number that can be wiped from her phone and accepting that these things take time to get used to - There's a bottle of wine on the table and a sad song on the radio though i'm hurting inside i'll hold onto my pride" while accepting that it is ok to take time to adjust as you "let the aching in".

As the song progresses there is a gradual build up of sound, first an organ then some percussion then backing vocals gradually seep into the mix, musically reflecting the transitional change of mood of the singer so by the end there has also been a short guitar solo and there is a full band playing as she accepts that she is finally "Ready To Be Lonely".

it's another great job cementing her position on the UK scene as one to watch out for.

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