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Finnian - Where We Go

Having wowed us with his debut single "Even Flow", Finnian is back with his second single "Where We Go" and any fears that his blend of harking back to the sounds of the classic 70's singer songwriters while maintaining a distinctly modern sound was a one off are safely set to rest. In terms of influences you could really take you pick there's a lovely organ sound and a great brass section at work, there's a bit of Van Morrison, or Al Stewart maybe, in fact think of any quality singer songwriter and there is probably a bit of them in this song.

The song itself covers being in the moment "Can we toast the good life for old times sake?" while at the same time pondering where things will lead "All I wanna know is where we go from here?". As with the first single it seems to finish far too soon and the urge to immediately replay it is impossible to resist, just to recapture the dreamy guitar work or Finnian's vocal delivery which seems perfectly suited for the task.

With 2 exceptional singles delivered, it does somewhat raise the anticipation levels for the album from which they are drawn, "Under The Influence" which is due to arrive at some point over the summer.

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