Morganway - Let Me Go

The third single from Morganway is another high octane blast from their live set that has managed to successfully transfer to a recorded version without losing any of the vitality that make this band so essential. From Kieran Morgan's opening guitar riff this is a song hell bent on slapping you in the face and demanding your attention.

A perfectly balanced mix lets you also clearly hear Nicole Terry's violin playing and Callum Morgan's secondary lead vocal, as well as the keyboards so all the elements that contribute to their live performance are present and correct.

There's so much to enjoy here, a slide guitar solo mid way through that takes things to another level or SJ Mortimers vocals that range from being silky smooth to full on rock out within the space of four minutes. Building to a climax of SJ's vocals over the top of Ed Bullingers power drumming, with the band providing a sense of urgency in their incessant backing vocals - this is simply magnificent.

Keeping things in house the sleeve has also been designed by Nicole Terry making this an all round marvelous package.

#LetMeGo #Morganway

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