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Lindsay Ell - Hammersmith Apollo

While it was great so see Lindsay Ell get to play a bigger stage with the chance of picking up some new fans - a short 30 minute set seems like an awful waste of her talents and the we'd much rather see her headline a smaller show.

From the moment the lights went down and he band kicked off a thunderous intro, she was an absolute delight to behold.

The drum intro to "Wildfire" was so loud that it overpowered the guitar and bass until Lindsay bounded on stage and kicked off the more familiar guitar riff to the song, getting the party started with a bang.

For the opening of "Mint" she had her guitar slung over her shoulder, before swinging it around after the first verse. Within the song there was time to establish some rapport with the crowd with some chat, before taking the microphone and increasing the soulful vibe by incorporating a version of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" before throwing in one of her inimitable guitar solos. That soulful vibe continued to find it's way through out her set and continued into "Waiting On You" which was an excellent version of the song from "The Project" album.

Dismissing the band from the stage, Lindsay played the next song solo initially just sitting at the front of the stage for an unrecorded song "Not Another Me", she has played it for around 5 years so technically not new. It came with a touching story and was a real showcase for her vocal skills hitting a big note at the end, so often Lindsay's guitar playing steals the show so much that it is easy to forget just how great her vocal skills are.

It was back to "The Project" album for "Castle" celebrating the joy of enjoying what you have, with her right hand doing some expressive pointing and gesturing in the moments when it was not delivering sweet music. With that soulful theme that had been running throughout the evening, it was maybe not as surprising as it could've been when Lindsay dipped into the Steve Wonder songbook with a cover of "Signed Sealed Delivered".

The mood once again slowed with "Space", with Lindsay once again powering out the vocals to great effect before leaving us with "Criminal" which needless to say contained a fantastic guitar solo but saw her rocking her head so forcefully that she was just a blur of flying air. It was a shamefully short 30 minute set that left you desperate to once again see Lindsay in an extended set - hopefully we won't have to wait too long!


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