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Lisa Redford Edge Of Love EP

As mentioned on the release of Lisa Redford's debut single from this EP the fallout from the Pledge Campaign has not been the Major artists just using the platform to sell some fancy deluxe editions but the independent artists looking to push on. Lisa in particular is a double victim as not only is it her that has suffered but also the Charity to which she was hoping to donate money.

Lisa has pressed on with fulfilling Pledges and now a wider audience is able to share the results of her labours, five songs covering the various stages of falling in and the emotional fall out from falling out of love, detailed in an almost disarmingly honest way paired with a selection of tunes designed to enhance that all the more.

The opener, the single "Anything But Easy" still sounds fresh months down the line, now takes its place surrounded by its companion pieces. Within 3 minutes "We were so good at the start" soon transforms into "We could have had it all". and in a nod to a song later on the EP says "It's so hard to let go". With a lovely dobro sound running throughout, as well as great backing vocals this makes an ideal entry point to the EP.

The title track "Edge Of Love" announces itself boldly with an upfront cello intro and is the most ambitious track musically. If much of the EP is framed by break up this seems the most optimistic albeit wrapped in the self doubt that comes with the embarking into a new relationship, "It's safer to keep my self control, now its my fragile heart you hold". There's the curious conflict of the mind over the heart "I hesitate to let you in but I love the warmth of skin on skin". To complete the gamut of emotions, the big leap is taken "I'm not sure how this will end but I know i'm letting go". Ending on this affirmative note this is the beacon of hope on this EP even if it comes with the caveat "I'm not sure how this will end"

"Let Go" is a gloriously uptempo affair driven by pedal steel and electric guitars as well as a lovely organ sound that runs through the track. It is matched to the most defiantly upbeat chorus of the EP - "You did me wrong now i'm moving on without you" , The songs defiance is typified by the affirmative "You almost broke me but time has told me I'm stronger on my own"- There's some nice detail to attention to be found in the backing vocals and the parting "it's too late, got to let go".

"I Just Can't Forget" is a somewhat classic country break up song, starting almost as a blues, where one half of the partnership is happily "moving on without regret" whereas the other the half is left lying alone with tarnished, rather than cherished memories and with the hurtful parting words of separation etched in her mind.

The EP closes with "Alone Tonight" which poses an interesting question of whether being with the wrong person is better than being alone.?

The song starts with 2 people who have a shared history who "remember when it felt so right". For the singer it was "a sweeter love I've never known" though tinged with the realisation that "we're not meant to be". The mix of hope and hurt makes this as emotionally honest song you are likely to come across, The acoustic guitar is at the forefront of this song though there are dramatic cymbals, along with dreamy guitar and organ that add to make this a highly successful track.

A quite superior EP, that has had to fight against the odds to even be heard, and is well worthy of your attention.


With an almost weeping pedal steel ratcheting up the atmosphere, this is made all the more heartfelt by Lisa's vocal.



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