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Country On The Coast - Day 2 - Lucy Blu

Lucy Blu’s star has somewhat been in the ascendancy recently with a string of impressive singles, so it was an ideal time to check on her live performance. Starting to a stirring guitar, with “By The Way”from her 2017 “Trendy Girl” EP, Lucy stood out in her blue trousers, and jean jacket and her traditional blue hair. For the second song she strapped on her own electric guitar for her new single“Row Your Own” it has a Kacey Musgraves / Brandy Clark feel to it and imparts a message with out being too heavy handed and is therefore all the more successful for it. The mood slowed with a song “Ready To Be Lonely”, looking like another worthy addition to the catalogue, with some nice electric guitar from her backing guitarist Jack. The next song “Pistol” saw Jack move to banjo while Lucy delivered some rapid fire lines over the chorus. With the banjo in play there was a time for a cover in the shape of “Rainbow Connection” without doubt the only Muppets cover of the weekend

It was time for a love song, and “All This Time” saw Lucy expressing what she wanted to say rather than worrying about what other people wanted to hear, a heartfelt ballad with once again some nice guitar flourishes from Jack. Things were to speed up with an uptempo song “Bonnie and Clyde” – “I’ll be Bonnie you be Clyde” which also invoked the memory of Johnny and June.

“Raise your Hand” had all the hall marks of a future single even in this pretty bare guitar / banjo format. A chorus designed to sing along to and get audience participation seems destined to be a winner. The next song “Let’s Play” inspired by being enraged by having a best friend mucked around. gave something to get Lucy well and truly fired up. Another cover followed with a version of Cam’s “Mayday” with Lucy holding the microphone with both hands to concentrate her efforts. A drinking song in the shape of “Tequila Made Me Do It” turned into a list of wrongdoings caused by the effect of having too much tequila, it was an enjoyable uptempo romp. Finishing with her last excellent single “Only Just Begun”, with the big chorus delivered with power – one of the most complete songs of the set, sounding as good in the stripped back format as it did on record.

There was plenty on show to suggest that at some point this year everyone will be getting a little "Blu"!

d in the stripped back format as it did on rec

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