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  • Chris Farlie

Tally Spear - City Girl

Our first glance of Tally Spear came at Liv Austen's Ironworks album launch where we said she definitely piqued our interest and she has certainly well and truly delivered on the promise she showed that night with the current single "City Girl". If you were a fan of her previous EP "Fade To White" then initially the change in sound may come as something as a surprise but stay with it and you'll be richly rewarded.

From the very start there is an almost urban feel and soundwise it is very different with lots of little suprises and tweaks such as the little xylophone (?) notes at the end of verse 2, but beneath it all it still a solid song and just occasionally the bare bones of the original acoustic guitar come through. In fact there is also a pretty rocking electric guitar sound,and a prominent violin playing over an excitingly different drum backing.

There are occasional distorted vocals, and a guitar solo and all the elements come together squeezing an awful lot into 2 and a half minutes. Refreshingly different in a way that makes you want to immediately listen to it again and again.

#TallySpear #CityGirl

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