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  • Chris Farlie

Morganway - Hurricane

The only question about this single was going to be whether the recorded version could in any way match up to the ferocious live version that normally closes out a Morganway live show - the answer is a resounding yes!.

From that opening drumbeat you are immediately transported to the excitement of a live show and before the first 10 seconds are out most of the key elements are in place, the guitar riff, the violin and a piano being pounded to extract maximum effect. The final part of the masterplan comes together 12 seconds in as SJ Mortimer announces "I'm heading for a hurricane!".

From there on in it really is an ensemble tour de force, SJ's vocals may demand your attention, but behind that the rest of the band are adding powerful backing vocals and along with Kieran Morgan's outstanding guitar work this is a track that is gloriously up front and in your face taking absolutely no prisoners.

As exciting a four minutes as we are likely to hear all year!!

#Morganway #Hurricane

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