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C2C 2019 - The Big Entrance Stage - The Noble Jacks

It was by recommendation that we made a detour back to the Big Entrance Stage to see the Noble Jacks. Such was the passion that they had ignited it seemed only fair to catch them on their only appearance at the Festival.

The Noble Jacks hail from Brighton Matt Deveson on guitar and vocals , with Will Page on lead vocals,and fiddle, guitar or mandolin as required. Bolstered today with a bass player and drummer they set about bringing their own style of music of the O2, with most songs played at breakneck speed.

Opening with "Gun Hill", there were obvious comparisons to be made with the likes of Seth Lakeman if only due to the fiddle solo, though the power of having twice the vocals and the sheer energy of the performance meant that these guys stand on their own merits. The opening initial

ly mirrored the track listing of their debut album "What The Hammer" and so continued with "Another Day Gone" flat capped Will managing supremely well delivering vocals and playing fiddle.

it was not all to be about previous records though as there is a new Noble Jacks record coming "Stay Awake"and a forthcoming tour throughout April and songs like "10 Times" certainly whetted the appetite for its release. It had the power to get the audience clapping along, still driven by a powerful back beat, perhaps structured more like a traditional rock song however still carrying the distinct Noble Jacks sound.

It was back to the debut release for "Ramblers Steam", Will's fiddle was swapped for a guitar and harmonica, while Matt's electric guitar added distinctive rhythm over a powerful drum beat, with the pace remaining as frenetic though at all times highly engaging and enjoyable. Betsy the fiddle soon returned for "The Blacksmith's Stomp" another blur of a song that saw the Big Entrance Stage audience transform into a mass of dancing and clapping hands. If you missed them at C2C - the UK tour dates are below

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