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C2C 2019 - CC Smugglers - The Big Entrance Stage

There are few bands who match the CC Smugglers for sheer exuberance, and true to form the only thing attempting to rein them in today was the size of the Big Entrance stage. With every inch filled with drums, keyboards, banjos, a double bass and enough microphones to allow them all to contribute the CC Smugglers laid down their blend of just about everything to make a huge good time vibe. Opening with "How High" a sort of rag time jazz meets barber shop quartet extravaganza that saw glorious four or five part harmonies, piano solos and at one point even some fifties style cross legged dancing - and that was just the first song!

Making the most of their "30 minutes to tickle you", "Good Day" saw front man Richie Prynne throw a harmonica into the mix just to add to the party, needless to say the stage was a blur, of well managed organized chaos!.Richie acts as ringmaster to this highly entertaining troupe of players as well providing vocals and other instrumentation as required

Sadly someone has tried to dampen the enthusiasm of the CC Smugglers and that is Pledge Music who have yet to release £20k of funds owing to them after a highly successful campaign. Were they downhearted about it? - well frankly yes a little - but did they let it get them down? - absolutely not! They set about making the cheapest social media campaign ever by getting everyone to film their song "Well Well Well" with the aim of piecing the footage together to make a video later and trying to get #Wellwellwell trending on twitter.

With the final song "Working Man" containing just about everything including a Russian waltz section they retain their position as one of the most unique entertaining live bands you'll ever see., so why not get out there and catch up with them on their extensive UK tour - dates below.


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