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C2C 2019 - Morganway - Big Entrance & ICON Stages

The next stage in the Morganway masterplan started with 2 sets at C2C. Not necessarily a typical C2C band it was always going to be interesting to see how they fared, needless to say they just smashed it out of the park. Gathering more fans as they went. from the opening chords of "Devils Canyon", they put on a show designed to impress. As ever driven by a thumping backbeat and SJ Mortimer's untameable vocals, this was a big opening salvo to launch at crowd but they lapped it up. With Nicole Terry''s violin coming through clear as well in one of the days better mixes this was a joy to behold.

As ever with a Morganway show there was so much to take in at once,with the only thing hampering them slightly being the size of the stage. Whether it be Callum on bass and taking lead vocals, or the rest of the team on backing vocals there was barely time to blink. Kieran's Smiths like guitar intro into "Let Me Go" was the start of another tour de force, SJ taking up tambourine, Nicole and Kieran each taking a solo and the sheer power of all of them combining on the "Let Me Go" refrain saw many heads in the crowd nodding in appreciation.

Never ones to do things by half, they then almost certainly became the only band to drop a Red Hot Chilli Pepper's cover into their set at C2C with a cover of "Breaking The Girl".. They managed to give the track a Morganway spin, with Nicole's breaking bow strings swirling around making their own shapes as she frantically played. Another set piece was the 6 minute "Frozen In Our Time" with SJ's vocals switching between angelic and demonic depending on which part of the song we were at. Time as ever with Morganway flew by and the final song "London Life" saw the audience break into spontaneous clapping and dancing driven by the furious assault on the senses of a simply irresistable song.

Mingling among the crowd afterwards the comments were universally favourable however speaking to the band afterwards they were not entirely happy as the set should have built to a finale of "Hurricane",

The next day they had transferred to the ICON stage and while we may have missed the start we were there to witness once again a storming "London Life" that this time did lead into "Hurricane" another song that is something that needs to be seen to be believed choc full of hooks, with just about everyone upping their performance to 11, as a mass of vocals and instrumentation drive the song to it's awesome conclusion.

Breathtaking stuff and they remain the band to watch in 2019 and are currently touring the UK - See dates below

Saturday 23 March - Westview Live, Gainsborough, UK

Friday 29 March - The TapRoom, BrewBoard Brewery, Cambridge,

Saturday 30 March - Wycombe Town Hall, High Wycombe

Thursday 11 April - London 229 The Venue

Friday 26th April Portsmouth Country On The Coast

Tuesday 07 May - Morganway with Wildwood Kin - Waterfront, Norwich, UK

Friday 17 May 2019 – Sunday 19 May - Wood Festival 2019 Braziers Park, Wallingford

Saturday 15 June 2019 – Sunday 16 June - Foxton Locks 2019

Friday 21 June 2019 – Sunday 23 June - Black Deer Festival 2019

Friday 05 July 2019 – Sunday 07 July - Folk In A Field Festival 2019

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