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C2C 2019 - Kerri Watt - The Big Entrance Stage

Just occasionally in life you come across something so good that it literally stops you in your tracks - such a moment occurred on the Saturday of C2C. #TEAMw21 have covered Kerri Watt numerous times since we first saw her supporting Ward Thomas many moons ago. She's always been a very strong singer songwriter and when on stage mainly static due to the fact that she is normally playing guitar, so two things immediately caught our eyes and ears, firstly she had a band producing a sound unlike anything we'd heard on the outside stages all weekend, secondly she was no longer static, she was a ball of energy and confidence moving everywhere full of hand gestures - she didn't even have a guitar!! This was not so much a change as a metamorphosis into a completely different entity altogether. Dressed in a stylish outfit, and with a snazzy pair of shades she was set to impress and impress she certainly did with her confidence on a high after supporting Keith Urban at the Forum earlier in the week.

Joining the set during "All The Worse For Me" we stood transfixed as Kerri simply owned the stage with her presence on a heavy country blues number. For the Jeff Cohen co write "Kissing Fool", there was some glorious keyboards played by Calvin who provided a wonderful country soul background over which Kerri laid down some warm soulful lyrics . Due to space constraints he had to play his instrument from the side of the stage but what a sound he delivered.

There was a glimmer of Kerri's previous life as she strapped on a guitar to perform the 2nd song she ever wrote "Jesse", an uptempo country rocker Another new song "Band Of Gold" ( not the Freda Payne classic ) was also a great piece of country rock as good as anything we had seen up until that point with a chorus easily as catchy as its more famous namesake. Closing with "Can't Catch Me" which had a glorious organ intro before turning into a great groove of a song that saw Kerri dancing around the stage with a huge grin, clearly loving it as she provided a great vocal performance.

Second for second it was one of the best sets we saw across the whole C2C Weekend it was that good.- Cannot wait to see her again and the album looks like being an essential purchase of 2019.

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